Worthless Worrying

29 01 2012

This Saturday, so yesterday, I went to the Leadership Summit on campus and learned a whole bunch of new things. One of the things that stuck with me the most was about stress managment. We were talking about things that make you feel pressured (everyday tasks, homework, etc). The pressure is the cloud looming over you of everything you have to get done. These things will never go away but you can handle how you react to them, which most of the time you worry about them and that makes you feel more stressed out and pressured, etc. It’s a never-ending, visious cycle unless you simply eliminate the worrying. You cannot eliminate pressure but you can eliminate worrying.

This reminded me about something we were talking about in class this week too–we were talking about being present in the moment. That during yoga it is a time to forget about the homework we have to do, the test we have to study for and anything else that is currently bogging us down–forget about the worry and merely just exist in that moment and focus on what you’re doing. Focus on yourself, on your breathing, on your pose. I found an article this week about how yoga helps eliminate anxiety and worrying: http://www.yogajournal.com/health/2086. An interesting quote I pulled from the article is as follows:

“When you have a lot of anxiety, you’re always on orange alert,” Bell says. Because you never fully let go, it’s almost as if your body has forgotten how. Yoga essentially reteaches you what a relaxed state feels like. Although I first turned to yoga for back pain, I come back because it reminds me what it feels like not to be tense.”

No one goes through life without any responsibility whatsoever–things we have to do will always be present in our lives. We need to focus on releaving tension, anxiety, worry about these things. It’s all about putting it in perspective. I was chatting with one of my friends at the Leadership Summit this weekend too and he was talking about all the homework he has to get done but the reality of it is, he is worrying about it so much right now but when he put it in perspective, all of these assignments, etc will be done by Wednesday and then he will get a new round of assignments due the next week and the cycle will start over again. We found this discovery ironic but it really is all about your perspective. Actively choose to lessen worry and anxiety about responsibilities–you know you’re going to get them done anyway so there’s no need to stress over it before it is completed! If you don’t have it done by when it needs to be, then that’s the time to have a panic moment.




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